New Mexico Women's Correctional Facility

Customer base: State of New Mexico - Facility Type: Multi-Security, Owned since 1989
  • Capacity611
  • ACA AccreditedYes
  • PopulationFemale

Facility Leader: Arlene Hickson, Warden

Arlene Hickson, Warden Arlene Hickson was named warden of New Mexico Women's Correctional Facility in June 2008. Hickson previously served as assistant warden at Heurfano County Correctional Facility. Hickson joined CCA in 1991 working through the ranks as correctional officer, assistant shift supervisor, shift supervisor, unit manager and chief of security.

Community Activities

City of Grants; Future Foundations Family Center; Grants/Cibola County Chamber of Commerce; Greater Grants Industrial Development Board; Grants VFW; Los Alamitos Middle School; Grants Quadrathlon; Grants-Cibola County Schools; New Mexico Junior Golf Committee; Character Counts; American Cancer Society; New Life for Girls (transitional living home); Edquina (aftercare resources); New Life Baptist Church; Volunteer Fire Department; VFW Auxiliary; American Legion Auxiliary; Disabled Veterans; KAIROS; Community Hospital Ethics Committee; Grants Main Street; Juvenile Service Committee

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For media inquiries please consult Pam Sperandio, the Public Information Officer for this facility.

Population: Female