CCA Acquiring Correctional Alternatives, Inc.

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To the CCA team,

I have an exciting announcement to share with you today. CCA has acquired a residential re-entry company called Correctional Alternatives, Inc. (CAI). This is an important new opportunity for our correctional system, as it enhances our ability to provide innovative solutions to government correctional agencies. It also reinforces our interests in effective re-entry for the individuals who are entrusted in our care. 

CCA has made a strategic investment in a complementary business that broadens the scope of solutions we provide. This acquisition enables us to provide a range of solutions from incarceration through release, supporting our belief in helping individuals successfully transition to society, which is important to both our business and our communities. For the CAI team, they now have the advantage of our national scope of resources, strong reputation, and financial strength.

CAI is a privately held community corrections company based in San Diego, California. The 26-year-old company operates two facilities totaling more than 600 beds in San Diego, serving the Federal Bureau of Prisons and San Diego County. The company provides cost-effective solutions for housing and rehabilitation through community corrections specializing in work furloughs, residential reentry programs and home confinement.

We are so pleased to welcome the more than 100 CAI employees to our organization. It certainly is our hope that the team in San Diego will choose to become part of the CCA family as they continue in their career. This team brings a specialized level of corrections experience to CCA. Our Human Resources immediately will begin meeting with the CAI employees to help them transition into the CCA organization. 

We plan to continue to operate CAI under its current name because of the strong and positive reputation it has established among its partner agencies. But these employees will become CCA employees, and they will be a valued part of our organization, just as each of you are. We look forward to helping them feel like a part of our unique and diverse team.

Though we are still finalizing details related to the organizational structure of CAI within CCA, I can share with you that CAI will be a stand-alone division within our Business Unit 3 structure, under the oversight of Operations Vice President, Steve Conry. The current CAI executive management team will remain in their roles at the facilities.

I want to thank a dedicated team of CCA and CAI individuals who helped us complete this new endeavor, which is an important milestone in CCA's history. Congratulations to everyone. You can expect to learn more about CAI in upcoming months through CCA magazine articles, CCATV and other CCA communications.

Damon Hininger

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