CCA's 2014 Third Quarter Town Hall

CCA President and CEO Damon Hininger delivers message about inmate reentry, and other updates

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Subtitle: CCA President and CEO Damon Hininger delivers message about inmate reentry, and other updates

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The CCA Facility Support Center (FSC) in Nashville, Tenn., served as the location of the third quarter Town Hall for 2014 on Aug. 22. The meeting opened with an important address from CCA President and Chief Executive Officer Damon Hininger, in which he gave a thorough announcement about CCA's commitment to inmate reentry.

CCA President amd Chief Executive Officer Damon Hininger
He explained that the company's vision is for CCA employees to see reentry as a "day one" mission. To some degree, every employee is a reentry professional.

"Each of us plays a role in the community re-entry process. As corrections professionals we share the responsibility to create an environment where a prisoner in our care can learn the skills necessary to successfully re-integrate into society at the end of his or her incarceration," he said. "In every aspect of our mission, CCA's goal is to continue setting the standard for excellence in partnership corrections."

From the moment an inmate enters a facility, CCA staff will begin assessing opportunities for successful reentry. Through academic education programs, faith-based programs, and addictions treatment and other initiatives, CCA will continue to be a leader in preparing individuals to return to society and resist recidivism. While we know that each CCA facility has a unique mission and some facilities with longer-stay state inmates may have more robust opportunities for effective reentry, there are nonetheless opportunities at all of our locations to work at making a meaningful difference.

New Business Opportunities

After the announcement, Hininger was joined by Harley Lappin, executive vice president and chief corrections officer, and Kim White, senior vice president of CCA human resources.

Hininger shared an update on new business opportunities. The CCA facility that will be constructed in Trousdale County, Tenn., is planned to open in late 2015. This contract with the Tennessee Department of Correction was completed in early July and will enable CCA to provide meaningful solutions to the State, which has been a valuable CCA partner for nearly 20 years.

Additionally, CCA Otay Mesa Detention Center in San Diego, Calif., is scheduled to open in the middle of 2015. CCA will both own and operate the facility.

Operations and Inmate Services

Lappin shared the latest news related to operations and inmate services. He congratulated all the facilities that were reaccredited at the American Correctional Association (ACA) 144th Congress of Correction conference in August. Eight CCA facilities had undergone ACA audits and appeared before the panel at this conference. They include:

• Bradshaw State Jail
• Leavenworth Detention Center
• Lindsey State Jail
• Marion County Jail II
• Metro-Davidson County Detention Facility
• North Fork Correctional Facility
• Whiteville Correctional Facility
• Willacy County State Jail

Functional Area Review – Continuous Improvement

CCA Inmate Programs staff join Hininger for a picture at the FSC. From left: Michelle Cotter, Hininger, Michelle Ryder, Tim O'Dell and Don Stewart.

Lappin said the Functional Area Review (FAR) is continually improving. The FAR Team was established in 2012 to help launch new ideas to constantly improve and enhance CCA. Employees from various departments across the company are represented on the team.

Human Resources Opportunities

Through Live CCA – the company's wellness program – employees enrolled in one of CCA's major medical plans are invited to complete two annual wellness activities: biometric screenings and online health assessments. Employees who complete both activities by Oct. 31 will avoid paying a wellness premium/surcharge for coverage in the coming plan year.

White reminded employees that if they did the biometric screening or health assessment last year, they must do it again this year to avoid the surcharge. Employees' biometric screening results and responses to the health assessment are fully confidential.

"CCA encourages you to embrace a healthy lifestyle so you can be there longer for your loved ones," White said.

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