August 16, 2017  

A Walk in Their Shoes: Reducing Recidivism through Victims Impact Programming

CoreCivic is committed to ensuring inmates have access to proven reentry programs, and the "Victim …

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August 02, 2017  

Wheelchair-Refurbishing Program Inspires Inmates to Help Others

CoreCivic’s Metro-Davidson County Detention Facility has donated more than 8,000 …

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July 18, 2017  

CoreCivic Helps Inmates Boost in-Demand Tech Skills

The use of technology in the workplace is always changing, which compounds the challenges …

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July 10, 2017  

Strengthening Culture One Learner at a Time

By Kim White, Executive Vice President of Human Resources Right now across the country, …

The Power of Positivity and One CoreCivic Instructor’s High Graduation Rate

For 46 years, Katherline Maclin has been a positive force for change in every classroom she’s taught in — whether a pre-school, a high school or a prison. No matter the circumstances...

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CoreCivic Statement Regarding Coverage by WSMV (CH. 4) of Trousdale Turner Correctional Center

Although we are still reviewing Channel 4’s report in detail, what is already clear is there are numerous factual errors, blatant omissions and gross mischaracterizations. This is not surprising...

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Out of the Woodwork: A Carpentry Program Helps Inmates and Communities

Every day, vocational instructors at CoreCivic’s Crowley County Correctional Facility in Colorado do the critical work of helping inmates learn real-world job skills. One program accomplish...

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“Faith helps you meet the challenges of rejection…”

When you have a company’s – and the state’s - longest serving correctional chaplain at your facility, you don’t pass up the opportunity to learn a little more about what makes ...

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CoreCivic Properties: Building On a Legacy of Innovation

You may have heard that as part of last year's company rebranding, our full-service real estate group got a new name: CoreCivic Properties. What you may not know is the incredible scale and diversity...

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National Correctional Officers & Employees Week: Bennett Kight, Classification Manager

Classification Manager Bennett Kight spends his days helping inmates place into vocational training programs and boosting officer morale at Jenkins Correctional Center in Millen, Ga. He has been ...

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