Purchasing at a glance

As the most quality conscious government contracting company in corrections management, we work hard to ensure that the products and services we obtain for our operations meet the unique needs of every facility and inmate under our care. We judiciously partner with a wide array of suppliers in every product or service category ranging from small business concerns to global corporations. Engaging a diverse mix of quality suppliers is the key to the success of our purchasing strategy: providing value at the lowest possible cost.

CCA's Classification of Suppliers:

Preferred Suppliers

As CCA has increased in size over the past 30 years, so has our use of preferred vendor contracts. A preferred vendor is a "solid" supplier who distributes product or services all over the country while maintaining quality, cost and timely delivery of critical products and services on a long-term arrangement. In our effort to further optimize cost control and savings we continue to seek and source new quality products and services that will result in efficient operations and inmate and staff satisfaction.

For more information email: Purchasing@cca.com

Local Suppliers

CCA has a clear understanding of the impact our combined purchasing power has within a local economy. A Local supplier distributes product or services in a limited geographical region. Buying decisions are a collaborative effort between the facility and CCA's Purchasing Department. Contributing to the success of businesses within the communities we serve is paramount.

For more information email: DBI@cca.com

Diversity Businesses

CCA has gained insightful experience into the process of identifying and seeking to establish relationships with minority, women and service-disabled veteran owned businesses HUB Zone, and businesses participating in the Small Business Associations 8(a) program. We recognize the importance of supporting diversity in our business strategies, relationships and workforce through the utilization of small business enterprises as well as in our hiring and recruitment practices. It is an ongoing endeavor that we continue to support and strive to improve.

For more information please email: DBI@cca.com